Some notes from SECM Workshop @ ICSE 2017

These are my notes from the workshop. It started with a talk by my colleague and friend Diego Fontdevila: Tales from an Agile Journey: Designing Curricula from Millennials in Industry and Academia. While Diego was talking,  Nayla Portas took care of graphics facilitation, great work!

The rest of the morning was dedicated to present all the submitted papers and the afternoon was for debating following a fishbowl-like dynamic.

During the afternoon some students join the session to participate in the debate. I am not sure about the exact number of participants but I think we were around 15, including people from Argentina, Brazil, USA, Sweden, Uruguay, Chile, Rusia, Spain, Italy and China.

After the workshop some of the participants went to a near restaurant to share the dinner. It was the earliest dinner I had in my whole life,  I was eating meat at the 7 pm!

I want to thank Hakan and Cécile for organising this workshop. It was a really valuable activity, it was great to see people from so different contexts sharing their experiences.

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